About PG & Toledo

Often referred to as the Hidden Gem of Belize, Toledo is an adventure waiting to happen!

With the reef on our doorstep and the jungle as our back yard, Toledo is still a relatively unvisited area, with the more adventurous travellers making it down this far South!! Famed for its diversity and natural beauty, Toledo is a nature lovers dream.

We are Belize’s best kept secret!!

Punta Gorda, lovingly named PG by the locals, is the Capital of Toledo and the head of commerce and business in the region.  On market day PG comes to life as the villagers pile into town to sell their produce, the ladies in their original Maya dress and the Mennonites on their horse drawn carriages.

The original settlers in PG were the Garifuna, arriving in the late 18th Century . Every November PG celebrates the Garifuna people.  Drums can be heard on every street corner,  their arrival is re-enacted on the wharf and PG hosts the International Battle of the Drums competition.

Now, PG is a proper melting pot of cultures with Garifuna, East Indian, Creole, Maya, Chinese and Mennonites living harmoniously side by side, whilst maintaining their own cultures! Locals are friendly and enjoy talking to visitors.

There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars in town, a variety of accommodations to suit every budget, and easy transport links (bus or plane) to take you up North and ferries across to Guatamala.